Car rental hidden charges that you might not know of

Even when you are sure that you have landed a great deal on sport car rental dubai, that doesn’t guarantee that you have the best. The reason being, there are many hidden charges that you might not be aware of. Instead of realizing later that your bills are skyrocketing and the price is going up at the rental counter, it is better if you learned about possible hidden fees that you are likely to find on a rental car. Here are some of the hidden fees that you can have

Airport surcharges and taxes
Before you can rent a car, you should know that there are taxes and airport charges that vary from state to state. It is not that easy to avoid states or a country’s local sales taxes. This type of charge can be as high as 25% VAT. Some countries charge fees that can help them fund projects such as the building of stadiums. Also, it is not that easy to avoid airport charges. Airport charges include concession, customer facility, and recovery fee. The only way to avoid all that is through picking and dropping off your car at a place far away from where the airport is located.
Insurance charges
This is one of the common charges that you should be expecting when you are renting a car. Sometimes it is referred to as collision damage or loss damage waiver. It is very possible to avoid liability for any car damages for as long as you are not found to have gross negligence. In some states, insurance is compulsory but in some, it is optional. Before you can hire car rental, make sure to find out if your regular insurance can be able to cover you in car rental. Know insurance charges before you can rent sports car dubai

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