Fun facts about technology that you should know about

When you check out the awesome products, they tend to be make-believe as they seem to be out of these worlds. But that is the technology for you. There are so many fun facts regarding technology which are real and you need to know about them.

The email was in existence before the world wide web
At times you don’t even have to think before you compose an email message and then click on the send button. But that was not the case before. Before, it was tough to send an email. You had to utilize a computer combined with a rotary telephone so that the service-connected to what was referred to as Micronet. It was the pre-WWW, and thus, there was no URL, and all you could find were just webpages that were numbered. The webpage for emails was 7776
Qwerty was a way of slowing you down
There are two theories regarding this. The first one makes sense when you observe a manual typewriter. If you were to type so fast, then the keys will jam. QWERTY is what placed some standard alphabets at a certain distance from one another, thereby slowing down the typists.
Another theory about the same is that QWERTY was designed by a telegram operator as it made it easier to decipher the Morse code. Whichever way you go with, there is no reason why you should keep using such a layout, but somehow it stuck, and people were resistant to change. You have the option of changing your keyboard layout by buying the faster Dvorak layout, which is found in the language setting of your phone.
Domain name registration was free until 1995
Domain names are awesome products. Back then, nobody knew about how powerful the internet was, and thus, one could own all types of domain names. A company named Network Solutions, in 1995, got the right to change the domain names for people. It became expensive, with prices starting at about $100 per year for the registration.


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