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• Zero.5% rebate bonus: the total amount an individual played will be calculated, as well as the following method is applied: Complete game volume/play (including the win and also loss in the particular bets). Let’s look at an example: Suppose your IDR sport volume is 4,500,000, according to this your own bonus is 20,000 (4,Thousand,000 by 0.5%). Therefore you will receive a highly effective bonus of 20,000 Rupees.
• It is important to note that there is no minimum amount for this reward; the corresponding amount will be charged to your account.
• The refund bonus applies every day.
• The distribution of the reward is made daily from 12:00 WIB.
• Each fellow member is expected to verify their accounts ID every single day.
• 20% bonus on recommendation: It’s awarded by 50 percent parts, the 10% bonus (first) by automatically entering your money ID. And a 10% bonus you are able to claim any time withdrawing referral funds. Let’s wait and watch an example:
• Your down line reference series gains inside the amount of Rp. Two,000,Thousand times the table lower price of 3% (Rp. 58,000)
Benefit: 60,500 x 10% = 6,000
The first part of the bonus (10%) is the first, Research bonus which will be entered inside your account ID automatically (3,000 Rupees).

The second part (10%) The second reference bonus will be awarded at the beginning of monthly.

When visiting Centralkiukiu, read the terms and conditions to be aware of all the specifications that apply any time playing, and when you have questions, you can check with the workers of the reside chat.
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