The thing about social media marketing is that it keeps constantly changing, and that is why you should always have the instagram panel to keep you well updated on the market trends. What worked last year might not work this year.

The following are what might affect you as a small business owner:

Finally, social media is taking a front seat

While marketers took their sweet time to embrace social media as their tool for marketing, it is less the case at the moment. Most marketers are now accepting that social media is an essential tool for their businesses.

Marketers are slowly cracking the code of Social ROI

While the measuring part is not yet resolved, more marketers can now find ways to measure the results. With that, it denotes that what matters to your business might be irrelevant to another business. If you aim to ensure that you get people to click from the updates you have on your social media to your website, then you will need to concentrate on those numbers and assign them value so that you are able to calculate the ROI.

It is essential to optimize blogs for mobiles

In the recent past, nobody seemed to care about how the website or the blogs were opening on mobile phones. Those were days when people were not using mobiles to access the internet. But things have changed now, and more people are now checking the internet on their tablets and phones. You have to ensure your blog or website is good and can be navigated correctly on the mobile screens; otherwise, there is significant traffic that you will miss out on.